The day was so pleasant and welcoming

as the sun embraced with his warmth

as the birds chirped in a happy tone

as the trees felt the touch of the cool and pleasant breeze


There suddenly came a  violent sound

the roar of him (thunder)

the chuckle of him ( lightening)

birds flew faster to hide themselves

trees bent over for him


As the darkness started  creeping over,   bright sky turned deadly demonic dark

a violent start of  the hail storm ,  droplets  condensed to ice

hitting over and over ,with great anger , as if an enemy who has  deceived him is found


It went on for some time when suddenly his  anger subsided

he became a bit gentler, as the father punishing a child(human) for his idiotic works

to make him realize  the self destruction he is bringing over with his unconsciousness


Suddenly he became the pleasant self again

the scenery changed to a pleasant drizzling ,comforting the scared birds

the trees were uplifted and the pleasant day was welcomed back

the soothing father has returned to look after the world !







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