My mom

my mom is the wonderful gift i ever received on my first birthday .. love you mom


After all these posts, I was thinking why not write one about my mom here it is…

Mom has gone through lot of hardships in her childhood..having lost her parents at a very young age, life was not a bed of roses for her. But she never lost heart…always believed in God, that all would be well. She is my inspiration… everytime i hear about her past, I cant help but hold back my tears and feel proud of her at the same time. the way she has cheerfully faced the hardships and stayed beside her elder brother who supported the family – is a true inspiration to me..

All the credit for what me and my sisters are now, goes to her…she was our first teacher..I am always told by my relatives tht I used to create quite a ruckus to avoid school…It was my mom who patiently taught me…

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