life is getting mysterious day by day . The feeling of incompleteness in life and the dissatisfaction is increasing everyday . Though there are a lot of things to be done , a lot more to achieve i have the feeling of lagging behind .A feeling that i’m the last runner in the race and i’m unable to move my legs ahead . A lot of things to plan and planned things turn up as a failure . I don’t know whether this is the feeling within me or the reality in front of me ! A feeling that i’m still incomplete is always haunting me . I just want to experience the feeling of satisfaction once! I’m going down and down into an abyss , into the world of darkness . I wish someone lets me a hand and pulls me up ,stand as an encouragement and drives me ahead. I want to be a complete self , a person i dream to be , a person who develops the talents hidden within . I want to be a person whom i can accept and others can recognize . I want to show that i’m much more than what you are thinking ” i am ” . The day i achieve things i have planned, i want to show everyone saying ” THIS IS ME” . The first step a person who is ambitious receives is discouragement , a person who takes that as a challenge achieves great things and a person who gets influenced remains dissatisfied forever.

I want to be the first self , a complete self , a complete ME.



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