cyber terrorism

These days as the technology is advancing the problems are also keeping a pace with it. These days cyber activity has increased enormously,along with that the cyber terrorism is silently strengthening. Behind the masks it is quickly adding people and knowledge to its database!People are unaware of this fact and are moving on thinking everything is perfectly normal ! But on the contrary it isn’t!

There has been many cyber attacks reported lately.Cyber terrorism is intentional attack to cause damage which is mostly to the political front.Hacking doesn’t involve very bad intentional damage , at least to the degree the cyber terrorism does. It may be said that hacking in a higher level transforms to cyber terrorism .

Cyber terrorism causes a huge damage which is beyond one’s imagination, which is greater than the damage normal terrorism can cause.This can be prevented by being aware of the situations and protecting one’s own accounts. If every person is smart enough to protect their account at least to the basic level this can be reduced.

Its highly difficult to expect everyone to be smarter than the cyber hactivists, but if it would help stop a bigger tycoon its worth trying! Many intelligence agencies are working hard to keep up with the ways of cyber terrorists to counterattack them or to stop such attacks.

Its high time people ,realize the need to protect your information and accounts.Update yourself and grab some knowledge on stenography and cryptographic techniques.


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