Sorry is a small word casually used for every little mistake .But sometimes it means much more.
You can never imagine how my heart twists and aches when i think of all the mistakes i have committed, all the days when i hurt you . I got this feeling inside my heart that something terrible is done. A feeling that i have hurt the person most precious which i wasn’t able to realize until now. The pain i have caused to you cannot be forgiven even in my whole life time.
I understood i have done a mistake. Ever since i realized that i feel guilty to face you , talk to you . You may feel i am avoiding you or ignoring you but the reality is i am trying to run away unable to face the guilty. The word sorry i say is much more than you think. I have blended all my emotions , mixed ll my silent feelings into it and i’m standing helpless here leaving it to you to understand me. I feel like shouting everything out but words never come out.
I believe this sincere word can break open the walls built from ages between two people.I cannot find any other word which can explain my feelings. My heart is crying in pain which i can never explain.I am feeling restless. I am finding the dark places to hide myself as my tears wont stop. The pain i experience is much more than the pain you will which i can never explain you . I feel the pain everyday, every moment that brings your memories back. I lay here silent with building emotions which may ultimately dominate and take over me . Understand my silence . Know that i do repent , i do think a lot . Understand that even i have a lot of pain in my heart. IM SORRY for whatever i have done all along.
This word is to be understood by you to bring me out into the brightness and for me to live.


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