this is the time for the students to go on with the tech fest. Abstract submissions, presentations, making models and so on. There are some students who are new to these. This is for the students who are interested in submitting the paper . For the submission of the abstract there is a definite format that has to be followed which is the ieee format .

The template for the IEEE format can be downloaded here (or)

(paste this url ) →

details as to how to frame an abstract is clearly given in the following site:

people who select the abstracts will always check for the innovation involved in it rather than ” a copy and paste ” type of paper. Even though the idea is simple , innovation always adds on to the points . A good abstract is that which is crisp and has a personal idea behind it with a good organization of the knowledge obtained from the various sources. One should check various sources for the information regarding the topic , understand them , explain the personal ideas about the applications or flaws or development that can be made to an already existing idea. The abstract must have at least 300 words  maximum 2-3 pages but the idea must be presented in an organized way.

If a person wants to do a paper , he/she must be clear about the topic and must have read various ieee papers and sites regarding the topic.





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