tv shows

shows !shows!shows!! these days most of the students are stuck to the laptops or televisions waiting for the tv shows ! The most surprising thing is that ,people are getting so addicted to them that they simply aren’t doing “ANYTHING”. There are “positives” and “negatives” in these ,depending on the type of tv shows selected.

If the shows involve the scientific aspects or anything imparting knowledge,it is truly worth watching .”Fringe” is a very good example of one such tv show .For improvising vocabulary   in a particular language say English there are very good shows our there!!Watching something should atleast make us learn a new thing or anything that matches our interest.

Shows which are just to wile away time should be watched when there is nothing in the world that person could do ! they are good to watch for refreshment rather than getting addicted .I truely feel sorry for many students who waste their precious time upon some tvshows which are meant for someone else(who totally are free) as a timepass. There are many things students “can do ” in the time which they allocate for such things!!

This is a call for students to step away from “time wasting ” shows which can be seen for a refreshment but not as a “job” .Selection of the best shows can improve a lot of things in the person himself.


lets check the famous shows among students


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