this is the normal confusion in the final and the prefinal btechies.students unable to decide the path take up both the exams!!!! well as a matter of fact concentratng on a single goal could prove fruitful at any part of life.

first thing a student has to do is to decide the career path ,find his/her personal interest ..Iff the person is interested in technical part , mtech is his thing .when a person feels he has some technical knowledge about his subject and “is” interested in exploring things about the subject mtech is the perfect choice.It is because there is more to learn from in the technical side !!!

if the person is really interested in pursuing a career involving business issues then mba is the perfect suit.It really is difficult to decide which is the best option .But one thing has to be kept in mind ..taking up MBA is just like throwing away the 4 years of btech ..therefore it would be good to take up a job ..gain some experience before taking up MBA.

MBA  also has the points for the experience gained by the person in his job pathway .If it is solely for the sake of  hike in the salary ,then it is better to do MBA in distance education .That would give the degree as well as the hike in salary .But if it is the true passion then it is the wonderful course with the most challenging exam !!!!

 when there is a possibility of satisfying yourself with the success of your true passion ,that should not be is because a life with dissatisfaction cannot be complete.


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