poverty is taking a very bad toll on every country specially india .As the saying goes “rich are getting richer and the poor yet more poorer”  is truely evident .If everyone could join hands the real term of poverty can be removed from our dictionary.

when someone tries talking about it ,dont discourge the person .Maybe he creates a change!!please dont snap out saying ‘nothing ever happens how-much ever we talk’ .every time you try spending money just think about the people who are looking out for the basic necessities .you dont need to give up your ways of enjoyment completely .Just stop yourself atleast once in 25 times ,save the money .if you could atleast help a single person that would make a change .Think about it ..

even when you are reading this dont snap out saying another story as is “we” who can really make a change .employees could stretch out a bigger hand!!!!! is your  era ..cut a few of your luxuries occasionaly ..think the difference you can make in the life of a person!!! you can atleast buy a lunch for the starving people out there!!!every revolution begins with a single person ,every evolution begins with a single idea.

                           REASON IT
                                                        MAKE A CHANGE


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