always feeling sleepy???

well this always happens to me!! i feel sleepy 24*7 first i was in a feeling that  i was just getting  immensely tired .As i pondered i realized i really am doing nothing to feel tired 😀 .i am not studying too much ,neither am i working upon anything good. In the midway i felt my social networking has put me in a sleep deprived state.Though i started sleeping early i had the that sleepy feeling !!!!then i started to Google it .

having a sleepy feeling throughout the day????? 😦 😐  this might be due to extreme anxiety or depression for which meditation helps in controlling emotions,hormonal problems,imperfect sleeping  cycle,working late night and ” sleep apnoea”. 😦

😮 Sleep Apnoea is due to the obstruction of the upper airway, caused by the throat muscles relaxing during sleep. The
airway may become partially blocked or collapse completely, causing pauses or breaks in breathing, preventing air from
entering the lungs and forcing the person to wake briefly to breathe before falling back to sleep again. The period of
wakefulness is so brief that even though it may happen hundreds of times a night, the person usually won’t remember
waking up, however, sleep will have been greatly disturbed!!
As a result of this, people with Sleep Apnoea suffer excessive sleepiness during the day, often blaming their work-load or age,
but potentially leading to dangerously reduced levels of concentration, changes in mood and personality and a general
reduction in quality of life.:o

Therefore i feel one has to give due importance “iff” he/she is having a feeling of sleepiness alwaysss!!! its not a matter of joke!!! there can be complicated things associated with them!!! 🙂 get rid of it and have all the time in the universe to move upon your world of interests 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 …

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^GOOD LUCK^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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