stressed out?!!!!!!!!!

with the tight schedule most of the people have the stress levels  increasing day by day …”most of the ” employers have stress with the packed wrking hours and the rest of the daily chore …students are stressed with the academic issues and the “future issues “!!!!

stress is taking a bad toll upon the brain !!!!!

its high time people realize it and go for things that relax the brain depends on how the pupil takes things !!! for a child of 8 “worrying about not wrting the homework ” can stress him if ..too serious !! when a person thinks “OMG!! i havent done this and im running our of tym” the stress levels upon him increase ..and if somebody comes out saying  havent u done this yet !!when will u do it ??you don have any tym left !!”  you can imagine how things go!! these are some things we experience and know the effect it produces…

increase in stress levels can activate the receptor IL-1ß .This can block the growth of new neurons which are needed for antidepressants!!!therefore stressing urself too  much will only buy u more stress!!!

appease urself….calm ur mind ..say to urself ‘u still have tym left don worry‘ …relax hearing to music ..try scheduling things that would reduce a bit of stress…try to avoid postponing things to the end ..coz when the clocks ticking fast.. ur productivity comes down and only the tension and stress upon you increases .finally ,stress management is the important thing every person has to look into to keep urself hale and healthy ..


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