bats apply scientific theories!!!

bats … i used to freak out seeing them earlier ..but as for now..i got used to them .. 😛 thaks to my hostel 😀 …finding them whirling around everyday  i just searched a bit about them .. goodness me!!! totally fascinating creaturess!!!!!

Bats fly in pitch dark without trouble and they have a very interesting navigation system to do this. It is what we call “sonar” system, a system whereby the shapes of the surrounding objects are determined according to the echo of the sound waves.A young person can barely detect a sound with a frequency of 20,000 vibrations per second. A bat furnished with a specially designed “sonar system”, however, makes use of sounds having a frequency of between 50,000 and 200,000 vibrations per second. It sends these sounds in all directions 20 or 30 times each second. The echo of the sound is so powerful that the bat not only understands the existence of objects in its path, but also detects the location of its swift-flying prey.This is what is called echo -location!!!

as we all know , a typical human hearing range i.e the audio frequency is 20-20khz..while a microbat can produce ultrasounds of frequency 14k -100khz through their larynx!!!!the fascinating thing is these bats learn over experience as the humans do like a learning neuron..(as in an artificial neural network!!)

 they do use the reflection principle to locate objects ..bats know science!!!:P

there are interesting studies going on using the batlike- sonar inputs for training a neural network for complex pattern recognition!!!after all bats do a great deal of applications. If their methods are explored deeply ,they might become a source for interesting information in the days to come!!!! 


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