wonderful sisters

do u have brothers or sisters?? if so ..u will definitely tell urself ” even i do this ! ! ” while reading this 😀 

 these lines are specially   for u’..my lovely sisters..

..Eventhough i am growing in all ways ,i still remain the little sis in the eye of you :)..the pecky and most troublesome creature u may say 😛 . The crazy grl fiddlng with your things ..:D attracting trouble to you everyplace i approach and with everything i touch ..

 I still am the little girlie who snatches away your things starting ryt from the keychain and extending till the laptops n mobiles ..i know i can make a very big list of such items 🙂 …But…mind you …i m definitely not going to stop ryt here…i guess u knw 😉 

though we’ll get into a lot of fights ..and stop talkng fr an hr !! i still try in sm way to indirectly poke you …i gues u may nt knw..i always am the one who expect you near me  when i either feel happy or sad..i really am lucky enough to have you ..my sis ..sweet enough to console me when i cry …mature enough to guide me ..playful enough to play with me ..:) 

I really am gifted to have such wonderful sisters ryt from the day i opened my eyes to view the world and touched the earth to live along … 

************dedicated to all the wonderful ppl who love their sisters and brothers

                                                                                 ..yet fight with them 😉 ******************


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