students wasting time on social media

 It became a craze among the students to have accounts in facebook ,twitter and all the popular social networking sites. 😛  Many dismiss them as being completely waste of time and will find it proud declaring that they do not have an account in such sites!!!! However,if used effectively these could serve as major information fetching centres. !! 🙂 😀 

 Let me explain .. facebook fr eg ..can be used ..not only for chatting with friends and connecting with people ,but also can be used to gain information.. knowledge about  many events can be obtained if used effectively ,opportunities can be grab hold of  if an eye is kept on watch .. 🙂 .it  has got it advantages as well as disadvantages … according to statiscs ,however , students are wasting most of their precious time wasting time on social media  . Most of the development of some of the  students is inhibited due to the social media.Awareness among the students can bring about great change in their own development .

Coming to surveys ..surveys claim that students are losing their grades due to social media .Multitasking is resulting in reduced concentration on the subjects among the students.Spending lots of time on social networking  resulted in reduced communication among the people in person . its sad to say ..but people getting involved in social networking for more hours are complained by the friends for showing lack of interest to spend time with them resulting in deparing from the friendship bonds!!!! Using social networking  in an effective way can make a better person out of u !!! believe me ..u have hundreds of opportunities to improve urself !!! 😮


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