🙂   Every person gets bored some or the other time… the most surprising thing is ..sometyms  i feel bored even if i am doin something

😮 !!!! i donno if many feel this!! boredom looks like a part of myself… due to which i keep doing multiple tasks ..the sad thingy is at tyms the half way thru doin things i feel bored..i leav it in the middle and will start doing smthn else :(. I donno if this is an advantage r not ..

   But… i can say something ..feeling bored opens urself to the interests within u u a chance to explore urself ..and will give u

great ideas at tyms!!! thats bcoz to drive ur boredom away ,u tend to do smthn different .. 🙂 .Wel if u feel like doing something its

obvious that u have some interest in it !! isnt it?? feel bored…start listening to music .. alone in the house ?? even more better ..u can

even dance along with it 😛 ..try doing things differently.. start experimenting on cooking 😀 its funn!!! caution!! pls dont eat it 😛 ..still

bored??? google helps u now… pick a topic of ur interest start exploring ..who knows ?? ur boredom may make u a great researcher!!! 😛  

u myt goo deep n deep within the same topic and might becom a scientist !! 😉  Try sketching things… painting urself…play some sport

..they will help u ..

cant drive it away yet ???? stand infront of the mirror make stupid poses… 😛 show ur creativity in photography now.. 😉 try capturing

different emotions in u … still bored??? go outside try capturing a moving object .. fr eg..a butterfly !!! anythng …  u know what !! in this

process .. 1) u r doing something different of ur interst !!! 2)found a new talent in u    3) in doing those u have gained concentration .. 4)

unknowlingly ur determined nw!!! and finally …5) BINGO!!!! u have drove ur boredom away !!!! cheersssssss!!!!

 Well ..u might have understood by now bored i am write so muj 😀 ..and how many times i felt so,to give so many options

😛 want more options??? well there are things which can help u and things that can be useless..

useful things 😛 : 1) sketching something 2) documenting something 3)taking a quiz 4)playing mind games (these can improve ur

concentration!!!) 5) reading or writing articles( oh me! me! me!!! like  me ..u can read mine 😛 6)singing (if u r interestd n are sure u

wnt frighten ppl 😀 ) 7)dancing ( better wen u r alone 😉 ) 8) reading novels of ur interest (it can improve ur vocabulary !!)  9)learning a

new language which ur not in touch with ( korean fr eg .. 😛 its fun!! 🙂 )  u can add upon .. 🙂

nw fr the useless things u.. it will be a bigger list 😀 

1)scraching the paper  2)jumping on bed 😀  3)smudging a paper with colors !! 4)going up ! nd down in an elevator 5)chatting

6)talking over phone 7)blowing and popping the balloons 😛 8)playing with a doll (preferrd fr grls 😛 ) 9)roaming on streets

10)shopping 11)watching movies( can be an advantage iff u r not addicted to watching them ) 12) watching serials (50/50 can be useful

if ur choice is good ..well it goes on .. 🙂 

finally …however u will nt feel bored .. !!!hurrayyyyyy !!!! ther r many things u can do in this world ..!! think about it ..try finding urinterests in this exploration ..

**************************************************.GOOD LUCK !!!!******************************************************


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