Memories are the precious and priceless treasures that you could gather in yourr lifetime.No matter how  rich you are or how great you have become..lovable memories are those people really long for..As there are two sides in a coin ..there are tow sides in the memories.One side of  memories are really like a friend that make you laugh with the pleasant incidents.The other side ,however, is like the deadliest enemy.. at times..which give you the hardest times beyond your imagination.

 Memories can be confusing too!!! the sweetest memory at an instant can sometimes give you a long term suffering..break your heart and shatter your soul !! How hard you may try to forget they are the ones that haunt you around and cause you nightmares. At the same time,the hardest  memory can cause you a lot of happiness in the future  at times..!!!

  Every moment of life is supposed to be treasurable memory and a special moment of life.coz..memories are the treasures that you can hold lifelong ..

  happiness alone need  not  make up a sweetest memory ,even tears of sadness when you depart rom a friend ,the days you long for a loved one to come back to you can be sweetest .This is the positive and happiest part of memories..thinking about them in the future will bring a smile upon your face,give a flutter in your heart ..

There are also the saddest part in the the death of a dear one!! , loving someone who is never going to be yours. ..watching your life take a bad way and being helpless…missing a great achivement you desired for the whole life..hard and painful memories…Memories as those of the past stay within the heart …

                                                   a person without memories is a person departed from the soul”


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  1. Reblogged this on pratyu and commented:

    The post tat was a history!! Memories made me reblog this memories post 😛 .. Feeling nostalgic !! I guess the end of student life is having a greater impact than expected 😦

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