concepts of lyf embedded in childhud…

lyf is full of situations tat test us from tym to tym ….if u look thru keenly every situ has somethng to teach u …smthng fr u to realize wich will help u.. push ur way out of troubles in the days to cm  …childhood explains almost everything wich u confront in the lyf ahead ..

the day u cam into this wrld..the day u opened ur eyes…it shows u how to adapt  yourself to the environment …when  u dont even know how to convey ur needs..wd  zero knowledge of vocabulary ..a cry makes ur mama understand… u need smthng …the simple gestures cnvey the dear ones all ur xplains tat …words r nt requird to express high feelngs to dear ones…even the silence cn explain a lot of deepest unexplained emotions…

the day u learn to walk …u fall many a tyms…it vl teach u to b deterministic ‘enough to rise from the fall,to keep trying until u get the thing u desire…

when u hold ur mama ‘s hand …it shows u need someone to care fr u thru out ur lyf …wherever u go ..and no one cn deny this…it also shows the dependency of a person upon the other …in ths huge world every person has to depend upon the other in sm or the other situation….


wen a strnger tries to pull u away frm ur mom an u hold hr tightly shows the fear tat someone might separate u from ur beloved ones in future…


u start learning to trust ppl the day ur father gives a push an catches u again….

wat is experienced in future lyf is jus a magnified version of the things u experienced in childhood



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