Dad is the one ..who works very hard from the min sun goes up till the min nyt blinds you is hard..nt to notice the pain and the tiredness he feels…its hard to see hw exhausted he feels..yet he never accepts  that he really is ..

he shields the feelings of pain and stress frm us….n keeps a smile to convince us tat everything is alright…wen v approach hm..he never shows the hardship he is in …the hard work he does to provide us to fulfill our desires…

he never shows the pain he takes to earn the amount wich u take up to party urself ..

he never resists u from njoyin..havn a gud tym out…watchn mvies…frm njoyin the luxuries…

  he never declines whatever u ask it from the pen till the laptop n ahead…

  he makes sure you get everything you want … every happiness u desire…every wish u want to be fulfilled..

 he never tells u not to do things that give you happiness..n wich r really fair enough..

he sacrifices his earnings fr u …he sacrifices his luxuries fr u…

he sacrifices best clothes fr u …thngs he need fr u….cz wat he wants is U to b happy … U to get everythng..

he feels happy wen u buy clothes …wen u njoy the mvie…wen u feel comfortable…

he is the one who books an ac coach fr u ..a cab fr u walks home instead…try askin take a cab ..he says its near enough ..tats dad …

its high tym …u need to understand ur dad …and support him..make him happy instead of u bein happy…

u need to get to mind tat’s all bcz of him..u have been soo comfortable till date…

it is UR responsibility as a child of his to ensure he is happy…u neednt buy him a bungalow to do so..jus cnvince him fr a movie with you the many n buy him a  suit …collect the memories n gift him…achiev ur goals n make him proud ..its much simple than u think…

it isn’t wrng if u cn give up sm things to make him happy …afterall he gave up every minute thing of his fr u…

Luk closely u will know tat he has really given up everything merely fr ur happiness….

Tats a DAD…respect him…love him..


                ********** dedicated to my dad n all the great fathers  **********


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