blocking calls in sonyericsson..

many have a problem blocking the calls in the sony ericson….cz ther isnt a ” block ” option ther ..i have searched a no of blogs n finally realized hw to do it… in a sony ericson u have a “manage calls” option in the settings thru call settings … in wich u have the accepted callers list … include the contacts from which u want to accept the calls… the rest of the calls will be automatically blocked… πŸ™‚ ths is the maximum privacy u can get in blocking unknown callers… bt the list is limited..choose the important callers…i m checking if the list cud be xtended… din reach it yet .. πŸ™‚ ths is fr ppl who suffered searchin sites tryin to block the unknown callers … njoy the privacy … πŸ™‚


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